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Over 5 days I will teach you exactly how to RUN STRONG, SET YOUR BODY UP TO BURN FAT and TO CREATE A BODY THAT FEELS UNSTOPPABLE...without gimmicks, restrictions or telling you to give up wine or chocolate.

Over 5 days you will learn exactly how to build lean muscle, burn more calories, rev your metabolism, crush your sugar cravings, shed fat and power up your running in 5 simple steps...even if you feel like you don't have the time, the energy or the support. 

Outdated running coaches and free training program downloads will suggest that you simply need to get out and run. While slow, steady state cardio will get you average results in the beginning,  it is not the most effective way to run STRONG, build lean muscle, burn calories, rev metabolism or effectively shed fat.

Those outdated training plans are simply the long way to fat loss and a sure way to injury! 

The modern approach to training is based on research designed specifically for mother runners to get you fit, lean, strong and shedding fat by balancing your mamma hormones while keeping you injury free as you get up and running after babies (or a long break).

You can get fit and shed fat as a runner even if you're...
Super Busy With Kids
Have Never Run Before But Want To Start
Tired And Can't Seem To Motivate Yourself
Don't Have Time To Exercise At A Gym
Join the FREE 5-Day Fit, Lean and Learn to Run STRONG Training Academy and learn how to run the effective way for getting super fit and burning fat!
Meet Your Run Coach!
Now in case you are wondering who I am, let me give you a quick back story!
I’m Carey Adam, the founder of RunningMoms, a community for moms who want to get lean, fit and strong after babies. My mission is to build strong runners and strong women, inside and out. I’m a busy mama to two boys, so I know that the struggle to make time for your running after kids is REAL! I’ve managed to find a balance that works for me, and you can find me running beach roads and trails any and everywhere I go with my kids watching or running along with me!

But why the heck should you trust me?

Professionally, I’m a registered physiotherapist and running coach who specializes in cutting-edge run training and women’s health issues. My ultimate goal is to get you back up and running after babies - fit and strong. I’ve trained hundreds of women to tune into their bodies and run stronger than they ever thought possible. Getting fit feels good regardless of what the scale says.
Are you ready to stop running and running, gaining weight and feeling exhausted and start learning how to train effectively in very little time so that despite being a super-busy mama you can STILL achieve that defined, sexy look with the lean curves, muscle and energy that you desire? (Not because you aren’t perfect right now, but because you will love the feeling of transformation on your body and your mind.)

Stick with me during this 5 Day Training Academy and you’ll be well on your way to running strong, confident and feeling BadAss and Ah-Ma-Zing!
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