Nutrition for Runners

Learn How to Shed Fat, Boost Metabolism and Power Up Your Running Without Counting Calories,
Measuring Portions or Restricting The Foods You Love
Do You Want to

Are you a
frustrated, overworked,
and sugar craving mama
running hard but not losing weight
and not getting any closer
to that lean body you want...
I was fed up with the fitness "experts" telling me to "get out and run" without accounting for my nutritional needs. No matter how much I ran, I seriously could not run off my bad diet!

If that sounds like you, listen up because I've got big news:

You can run to get lean, strong and feel like a million-dollar mama
WITHOUT adding more mileage or more hours to your jam-packed day... but we need to talk some basic nutrition and you need to understand everything about your Macro's.

And I'm going to teach you step by step EXACTLY how I used macro's to go from tired, worn out, sugar binging, energy crashing , hating my body to FIT, LEAN, CONFIDENT, SEXY and ENERGIZED by simply eating to fit my Macro's.

Discover My Secrets and get a step by step plan but first...
The BIG Problem with Most Runners when it comes to Nutrition
We have believed for years that for time-starved mamas, there is no better way to transform your body, improve your health, and boost your confidence than by running
There is no expensive gym membership required. You can do it anywhere and get some "me" time. 

You can even take your little one along with you in the stroller!

There's just one problem:

Despite what all the free downloads, guides, and blog articles are telling you, losing weight is not as simple as "get out and run," is it? 

You just cannot ignore your nutrition despite how impossible, overwhelming or impossible it feels. Dialing in some basic strategies and knowledge will absolutely be a game changer for you in terms of fat loss, ending sugar cravings and energy crashes and fitting comfortably into your old clothes again.
You see, runners, you love to run. I know you LOVE to run and you push your body hard because it is your sanity, your happy place. More importantly, I know you are a busy mom who tends to skip meals, graze off your kids plates and grab easy, on the go processed  foods because you are totally time crunched.

You are over training, under eating and your body is holding onto fat stores making it impossible to shed fat, lose any weight, build any muscle or get faster.

Simply working out more and eating less is a recipe for disaster.

Here's the Problem with That...
When you're a mom, you're already going a million miles a minute trying to keep up with the kids, keep the house from looking like it was just hit by a tornado, make sure everyone's fed, and maybe even holding down a "real" job at the same time. 
It's exhausting! Sometimes it's hard just to make it out of bed in the mornings but if you do, you feel liek you you are doing the right thing to lose that frustrating weight, right?

 It seems simple:

"If I eat less and run more I will lose weight and feel great."


It's not only impractical, but it puts unnecessary stress on your body and your central nervous system. Frankly, the "run longer, eat less" approach can result in serious injury and long-term health damage for you.

So... if more mileage isn't the answer, then what is?
Stop running and running and running expecting to lose weight and get healthy!!!!!

It's Time to Learn About Macro Nutrition, What to Eat and How to Eat WITHOUT Another Diet, Counting Calories or Restricting Entire Food Groups.
Did you know 85% of runners injure themselves because they simply don't know how to strengthen their bodies, train properly or eat RIGHT for the demands of running…never mind the changes that need to be addressed after you grow and labor babies!!!
"This is how I learned to eat for nutrition to fuel to my body and stop depriving it. If this worked for me, I hope it can work for you too. "
Hi there! In case we haven't already met, my name is Carey Adam. I'm a physiotherapist, run coach, marathoner, and, most importantly, a busy mom of 2. 
I founded RunningMoms to inspire and empower women to become the healthiest, fittest, and happiest version of themselves by getting fit and lean by learning to run stronger and smarter - NOT harder. My main focus is on the physical training but I am EXCITED to address the nutritional issues because I see it every where and I have struggled too!

Believe me, I know what it's like to feel exhausted, overwhelmed, uncomfortable in your body, wanting to turn the lights off before your husband sees you naked in bed and terrified of the beach.

For years I ran more, ate less and thrived on twizzlers, low fat processed foods and diet pepsi. I never lost weight. I never got lean. My running never got faster or stronger. In fact, I clearly remember having ZERO energy, craving sugar and binging in the mid morning and after everyone went to bed and I would have energy crashes so bad I couldn't keep my eyes open at my desk at 2 in the afternoon. I was sleeping poorly, I was cranky and short tempered with my kids and I was in the worst physical and emotional health of my life 2 years after kids...but I ran.

As runners, we think we are healthy because we run but often that is the furthest thing from the truth.  When I finally I took the time to learn some real nutrition strategies and I started eating by balancing my macro nutrients in the right portions at the right times, my postpartum body began to respond to my workouts. My sugar cravings have disappeared, my energy has skyrocketed, my usual workouts have leaned me out and my body is a ravenous fat burning machine. I'm able to eat tons, push my short workouts harder, run faster and set all kinds of personal records.

My running, my body and my life have literally been transformed because of a few really simple nutritional strategies. If this way of life worked for me, I sure hope it will work for you too.

Macro Nutrition for Runner's
Learn How to Shed Fat and Boost Performance Without Counting Calories, Dieting or Obsessing Over Every Bite
This E-Book is specifically designed for runners who are busy moms who feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start with nutrition. It is for you if you are feeling lethargic, over weight and wanting to shed pounds without counting calories, measuring food or restricting entire food groups you love!

I'll teach you everything I know about macro nutrition to power up your running, shed fat and curb your sugar cravings step by step so you can ROCK your fitness, ROCK your body, and ROCK your life... using a REAL approach that gets results fast!
Here Are Just a Few Reasons Why You'll Love
Macro Nutrition for Runners:
What You Eat as  Runner Really Matters
You are going to get the real facts about food. Runners love to stress about carbs and know nothing about fats and proteins. We talk about them all.
This is Not a Diet
Diets never work. They are restrictive, controlling and jolt your body into starvation mode, preventing you from burning unwanted fat and storing more fat and calories for you to survive on. They are not sustainable for life. This book is not a diet. It is a lifestyle.

Curb Sugar Cravings & End Energy Crashes
This all has to do with what you are eating, when you are eating it and the blood sugar story. I will go into all the details you need to feel better fast.
Power Up Your Running Fitness
Food is fuel. It's Simple. Learn to eat right and naturally run stronger and get faster.
You Won't Have to Give Up Wine or Chocolate!!!
Hell no...that would be CRAZY!!!!
Here's Exactly What You're Getting:
Macro Nutrition for Runners E - Book
End the guesswork, and let me show you exactly how to get started right. This is everything you need to know.

5 Day Macro Balanced Meal Plan & Recipe Guide
5 days of macro balanced meal planning done for you with an easy to follow recipe guide. This is critical to get your nutrition on track.

Bonus: It's completely SUGAR FREE!!!
Access to Our Exclusive Online Community
Support and a space to ask me questions and get answers in live time. There is nothing like accountability and community when it comes to making nutritional health changes.
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2 Bonus Fat Blasting Workouts
I am going to give you my favorite high intensity interval training workout requires ZERO equipment and can be done at home in under 30 minutes to get you building lean muscle. I will also give you one of my most effective speed burst interval sessions that will push you just enough out of your comfort zone to get your body burning fat and extra calories not just during your workout...but for up to 48 hours after you are all done!!!
An Exclusive Interview with Laura AmberWood, Macro Nutrition Expert and Healthy, Holistic Weight Loss Coach
This is a 30 minute exclusive video training I ask all the big questions runners have and she shares all the real answers every runner needs to know to shed fat and run strong!

Get Your Copy of Macro's for Runners Now!
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This macro based approach to nutrition means you get better results faster than you ever dreamed possible.
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